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Favorite Series

you cant deny that her lips make batwoman super sexy
Marvel's Luke Cage
season one was better. better music, better fighting. better characters.. this season is all about how his power being OP. ResidentSleeper
The Flash
ok (warming this might be a spoiler) I dont get why speedforce had to lock up 1 guy to make things work. and there are fanboys actually praise for this stupid script which makes me puke.
Season 3 doesnt bring as much intensity as previous seasons for sure.. The guy who did it had all that evidence stored and packed for the taking is a bit of a giveaway..
The Last Kingdom
fantasic show, its just that I got confused whenever I hear "I am ultrid, son of ultrid" ??
Marvel's Iron Fist
why this iron piss with crappy inconsistent power is on marvel is a marvel itself. :O
Marvel's Iron Fist
daredevil can excel in dark environment or about to sense heartbeat, luke is invulnerable most of the time. I dunno about iron fist man, someone decent with a firearm can outclass him lol.
The Flash Season 3 Episode 15
COOL, not a fan of him lol, but it looks like he is gonna turn mad and come back tho.
The Night Of
The plot is deep and branched out through the progression of the story. The struggle between life issues and principles makes the story and character real. great series
the jokes are meh.. the effect is meh.. everything is underwhelming
soo funny. Those awkward smiling face of people are great!
they do it, we knows it. this show's script is desperate and getting repetitive with the grind from the past. They had to do crossovers to gain exposure and to keep it above water..
@leah778 I cant believe you deliberately spoil the whole thing. ASSHOLE
Arrow Season 5 Episode 8
I stopped after season 2 and this show gets really dull. I cant believe it gets so low that Flash had to advertise for this episode. Lame. all this show does is recalling boring memory to drag the show to last for season after season.